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This area of ​​the website is designed to create an educational community around biodiversity. Here, we expect the user community to share activities and lesson plans designed to meet the different aspects of the natural environment and its conservation.

Our aim is to aware students of the importance of environmental conservation, recognize the important role that nature plays in their lives and enable them to act individually and collectively to protect natural heritage.

Users can share their lesson plans through a simple form, which is divided into the following sections:

  • Description.
  • Justification.
  • Objectives and core competencies.
  • Proposed duration (number of sessions) and temporal organization (before or after the visit to the exhibition).
  • Required materials.
  • Development of the activity.
  • Additional resources.


Many of the activities are likely to have transverse contents, related not only to the area of ​​natural sciences, but also the areas of languages​​, mathematics, geography... which allows us to work in different disciplines. However, the lesson plans provided will be validated by a group of editors (open to interested users).


Environmental education event in the form of informative presentation on plant biodiversity. Aimed at students aged 12 to 18 years than in Galicia corresponds to the Secondary Education and Baccalaureate and Portugal on the Third Cycle School Education and Secondary Education.

The exhibition provides various information about the plant diversity in Galicia and northern Portugal and it is organized around three main clusters:

  • Biodiversity and its conditioning.
  • Threatened species and threats.
  • Actions for the conservation of threatened plants.


These main points are completed with a final area where we collect opinions, thoughts and ideas that exposure motivates on people who visit it.

The document you are reading serves to support the contents of the exhibition and includes several activities to develop before and after the visit to the exhibition. Our intention is that these activities serve educators to integrate this exposure to programming in the classroom, not only as a specific activity, but also as an educational and research project about plant biodiversity. 

Objectives and competences

This exhibition is an environmental education activity that aims to:

  • Raise awareness on the values ​​of plant biodiversity and the threats to Galicia and northern Portugal.
  • Disseminate project BIODIV-GNP and in particular, public tools that will be available on the web.


Teaching units

  • Plantas e Contaminación

    Pequeno experimento deseñado para estudar como a contaminación dos solos afecta ao crecemento das plantas. Autor: Celestino Quintela Sabarís
  • Herbas de Poesía

    Valorar a presenza da natureza nas artes e fomentar a criatividades. Autor: Celestino Quintela Sabarís.
  • Plantas no mapa

    Coñece o teu entorno e como se distribúe a biodiversidade nel.

    Dirixida a poñer en valor as plantas, dende o seu orixe silvestre á nosa alimentación. Autor: Celestino Quintela Sabarís
  • O teu nome nunha planta

    Procura a familiarización coa morfoloxía das plantas e coa nomenclatura científica. Autor: Celestino Quintela Sabarís